How does an already noteworthy table become the stuff of legends ? Is it the chef, the cuisine ? Certainly ! Or the décor, a backstory ? Equally ! But upon occasion there is that rarer, more touching surprise of a simple address, the magic of a signboard. Suddenly the map, the restaurant as it were, regains the land. Among such legends in Paris, at 18 Rue Fabert, Esplanade des Invalides : the Divellec.

À la carte


6 OYSTERS N°2 REGULAR, shallots condiment with Barolo vinegar – 28 €


SEA BASS, calque, green apple candies and pink berries – 36 €


SALMON, CUTTLEFISH, TUNA AND SEA BASS, salt confit / Caviar – 45 € / 65 €


ROCK OCTOPUS, sicilian caponata, Paimpol coco emulsion – 42 €


SQUIDS with lomito, egg yolk and Espelette pepper – 28 €


CLAMS gratinated with butter, thyme and lemon – 28 €


TUNA, crispy pastilla with dry apricots, pistachios and fresh cherry tomatoes – 34 €


CRAYFISH, tomato Ananas salad and white peach, sweet and sour vinaigrette and hibiscus oil – 42 €


SEA SPIDER CRAB, Blue Meat radish petals, Philibon melon and passion fruit seeds – 55 €


BLUE LOBSTER, warm, chanterelle, fresh cherries and almonds, coral vinaigrette – 55 €







SALMON cooked at low temperature on the barbecue, sorrel emulsion

steamed spinach with lemon confit – 46 €


RED MULLET, fennel roots, rust Zephyr

barigoule of poivrade artichokes and broth from a vegetal bouillabaisse – 58 €


SOLE, meuniere butter, sweet almonds milk chanterelles - 75 €


LOBSTER, confit sea potatoes, smoked with rosemary – 85 €


JOHN DORY cooked on a Himalaya salt sheet, argan oil pepper reduction, zucchini blossoms

and caper leaves - 15 € the 100 grams


WILD TURBOT FROM BRITTANY, contemporary Béarnaise sauce, green peas in tarragon butter

15 € the 100 grams


LINE-FISHED SEA BASS in salt crust, lime oil, Rosa Bianca eggplant caviar - 15 € the 100 grams


              BRETON CRAYFISH with liquorice roots and virgin sauce – 30 € the 100 grams


WILD RED PROWN, raw roasted in provençale style - 25 € the 100 grams









REFINED CHEESE from Marie Quatrehomme Cheesemonger – 16 €


GORGONZOLA by the spoon – 18 €






BROTHERS'S CHARTREUX Colonel with fresh mint sorbet – 18 €


WILD STRAWBERRIES, with Bourbon vanilla ice cream – 22 €


CHOCOLATE « Opéra » Grand Cru soufflé – 24 €


VICTORIA ANANAS cutted in thin slices with ananas sorbet – 24 €


BABA AU RHUM, light vanilla cream, grape confit – 24 €





Starter, main dish and dessert
At lunchtime from Monday to Friday
49 €


In four courses
At lunchtime from Monday to Friday
At dinnertime from Monday to Sunday
90 €


In six courses
At lunchtime from Monday to Friday
At dinnertime from Monday to Sunday
210 €


Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 to 15:00

49 €

with a glass of Champagne Brut

65 €

Selection of our fresh juices

Tea or Coffee

Selection of bread and pastries butter and organic jam

White fish carpaccio, lemon sap and pink berries

Soft boiled egg, wilted spinach and carbonara emulsion

Cod rolled with citrus fruits cabbage, lomito and lemon emulsion