How does an already noteworthy table become the stuff of legends ? Is it the chef, the cuisine ? Certainly ! Or the décor, a backstory ? Equally ! But upon occasion there is that rarer, more touching surprise of a simple address, the magic of a signboard. Suddenly the map, the restaurant as it were, regains the land. Among such legends in Paris, at 18 Rue Fabert, Esplanade des Invalides : Divellec.

À la carte




6 OYSTERS N°2 REGULAR, shallots condiment with Barolo vinegar – 28 €


CLAMS gratinated with lemon and thyme – 28 €


SEA BASS, calque, green apple candies and pink berries – 38 €


TUNA, crispy pastilla with dry apricots – 38 €


SALMON, CUTTLEFISH, TUNA AND SEA BASS, salt confit / Caviar – 45 € / 65 €


SEA SPIDER CRAB, courgettes and green mango – 55 €







SOLE, celeriac and buckwheat Taglioni - 75 €


LOBSTERrosemary smoked, rolled confit potatoes and shellfish reduction – 85 €


WILD TURBOT, contemporary Béarnaise, green peas and beans

 tarragon butter - 15 € per 100 grams


LINE-FISHED SEA BASS in salt crust, lime oil

Stuffed courgette flower, marjoram and Kalamata olive
- 15 € per 100 grams


                       FROG'S LEGS, mushrooms, garlic and parsley - 75 €





CHOCOLATE « Opéra » Grand Cru soufflé – 24 €


BABA AU RHUM, light vanilla cream and grapes confit – 24 €


CANDIED RHUBARB, Timut pepper cream and Hibiscus sorbet - 25 €


COLONEL with sorbet – 18 €



Our Menus



Lunch Menu to share...

  (for all the guests)



Starters to share

Sea bass, tuna, clams

Roasted cod, carrots with Satay sauce

cauliflower purée, sesame and meat juice         

Roasted fig with maple sirup, rum cream

Tonka ice-cream




Discovery Menu

(for all the guests)


Seafood platter

Salmon, cuttlefish, tuna and sea bass, candied salt

Sea bass in a salt crust, or Roasted Turbot, garden peas, tarragon emulsion

Choice of sweets






Tasting Menu

(for all the guests)


Seafood and langoustine platter 


Salmon, cuttlefish, tuna and sea bass, candied salt, caviar golden 


Frogs legs in parsley


Lobster navarin, roudoudou potatoes

Choice of sweets