How does an already noteworthy table become the stuff of legends ? Is it the chef, the cuisine ? Certainly ! Or the décor, a backstory ? Equally ! But upon occasion there is that rarer, more touching surprise of a simple address, the magic of a signboard. Suddenly the map, the restaurant as it were, regains the land. Among such legends in Paris, at 18 Rue Fabert, Esplanade des Invalides : Divellec.

À la carte


To share

Tarama, smoked cod eggs 18

Anchovies, marinated 16

Sardine rillettes, lime zest 15

Oysters specials, Boutrais Family (6 oysters)

Nº3/ Nº2 45/48

Sea food platter 90/ Royal 135

Langoustines, prawns, crab,

oysters specials Nº3/Nº2 (6 oysters)



Octopus, cucumber, lime & capucine flower condiment 38

Sea-bass, carpaccio, green apple jelly, lemon caviar 35


Sashimi          Sushi

Sea-bass 36         Sea-bass 38

Salmon 26         Salmon 28

Tuna 38         Tuna 40

Toro 38€        Toro 40



Tuna 30

Sea-bass 38

Salmon 28

Avocat & coriander condiment



Squid, carbonara 36

Clams, gratinated, lemon thyme 34

Tuna, crispy pastilla 38

Frogs legs, parsley, cress 48

Brittany crab, passion fruit, curry 48

Blue lobster salad, tomatoes, coral vinaigrette 69


Fish and noble products from the sea

Sole, butter fried or grilled, wild mushrooms 68

Cod brandade, green salad 45

Blue lobster from Brittany,

navarin potatoes 95

Monkfish roasted, white butter with eel, 

anchovies & sea asparagus 72


Whole fish to share 18/100G

Baby turbot, bearnaise sauce

Sea-bass, in salt pastry casing

John-dory, on Himalayan salt slab


Catch of the day

(Depending on availability)

Spiny lobster, smoked with rosemary 35/100G

Blue lobster, grilled 30/100G



Bresse poultry,

chanterelles, tarragon, cherries 68



Vegetable ratatouille style, condiment & tomato coulis 18

Vegetable primavera, apricot & curry 16

Chanterelles, tarragon, cherries 22

Gnocchi, olives, spinach & chorizo 18

Pureed potatoes, smoked 14


Cheese selection 25



Blueberry sorbet, Tonnerre de Brest 18

Chocolate soufflé 24

Blanc Manger, strawberries & wild herbs 28

Kiwi with green shiso pesto, vanilla Fontainebleau 22

Rum Baba, grapes, candied citrus fruits 26